Jay Smith on Paul

Jay E. Smith, professor of NT Studies here at DTS, is the coeditor of the new collection Studies in the Pauline Epistles (buy it here). In this brief video, he talks briefly about “the connectedness of the biblical documents” and how that inspired his study of Paul and the NT. Watch it here. I’ve had the… More Jay Smith on Paul

Thought for the Day

In The Apocalyptic Literature, Stephen L. Cook writes “Misconceptions about Paul’s theology often hamper today’s readers from properly appreciating and interpreting his apocalypticism. One long strain of interpretation–stretching from Augustine through Luther to Bultmann–has overemphasized the theme of individual salvation in Paul’s thinking. This effectively underplays Paul’s emphasis on cosmic redemption.” (170) I’d say so!… More Thought for the Day


I was curious: how do you pronounce Pauline, as in Pauline studies? I pronounce it paw-line (with a long “i”). Most people I hear using the term pronounce it paw-leen. What about Petrine? Peh-treen or Pee-trine? Just curious. Jason