Want a PhD?

Many (if not all) of these posts are probably familiar to students interested in pursuing a PhD, but I thought I would put them here so they would be in one place, should that be of help to you.  I found them to be very helpful and I am sure you will too.  Enjoy!

Prepare, Succeed, Advance: A Guidebook for Getting a PhD in Biblical Studies and Beyond by Nijay Gupta

What I Wish I Did to Prepare for Ph.D. Studies by Ben Blackwell

Ph.D. Pointers by Ben Blackwell

Interested in a PhD? by Nijay Gupta

Random Notes on Completing Your PhD by Nijay Gupta

PhD Preparation by Daniel J. Treier

Ministerial Students, Calling, and PhD Studies by Sean Michael Lucas

Ph.D. Application Advice by John Anderson

More on PhD Preparation by Brandon Wason

SBL Panel: Things I Wish I Knew about a Ph.D., Part 1

SBL Panel: Things I Wish I Knew about a Ph.D., part 2

Advice to Prospective Doctoral Students by Dr. Dave Black

Preparing for Studies Abroad by Andy Bowden

How to Get a Ph.D. While Working a Full-Time Job by Mark Warnock

Tips for Writing Your Dissertation – Derek J. Brown


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