Jesus and the Napkin

I was asked at church this week about the napkin mentioned in John (20:7), namely if there were any significance to it being folded. I knew where this was going because I’ve heard/read of this before. Basically it is said that the folded napkin in the tomb finds parallel in the Jewish master/servant relationship. Supposedly… More Jesus and the Napkin

I’m a Twit(terer)

So, I did it–I drank the kool aid, swallowed the hook, etc, and joined Twitter. Why, you ask? For one reason–to boost my entries in various publisher and band giveaways. I’ll follow a few friends and family, but I couldn’t care less what celebrities and athletes (most of whom are genuine twits) have to say,… More I’m a Twit(terer)


I was reading through Anthony Thiselton’s The Living Paul: An Introduction to the Apostle’s Life and Thought this morning and something caught my eye. The portrait of Paul used on the cover art bears a rather strong resemblance to Gerard Butler, better and forever known as King Leonidas from 300. What do you think? Αυτω… More Resemblance?