Strange Text

Yesterday in church, I was following along in the text for the sermon. I carry my ESV compact bible to read in church. As I was reading, I noticed something strange in the inner margin. It appears to be Chinese characters. I’ve never seen this before–anyone have any idea why these are here? Is this… More Strange Text

Jesus and the Napkin

I was asked at church this week about the napkin mentioned in John (20:7), namely if there were any significance to it being folded. I knew where this was going because I’ve heard/read of this before. Basically it is said that the folded napkin in the tomb finds parallel in the Jewish master/servant relationship. Supposedly… More Jesus and the Napkin

I’m a Twit(terer)

So, I did it–I drank the kool aid, swallowed the hook, etc, and joined Twitter. Why, you ask? For one reason–to boost my entries in various publisher and band giveaways. I’ll follow a few friends and family, but I couldn’t care less what celebrities and athletes (most of whom are genuine twits) have to say,… More I’m a Twit(terer)