My New Study Aid

For my birthday last week, I received gifts that were nothing if not practical. For me, this is a good thing. The older I get, the more the things I want need to be of some use. In addition to clothes, accessories, and funds (!), I got something I’ve wanted for some time–a book stand!… More My New Study Aid

Things that Fascinate Me

Just a random thought for a post–a few subjects that fascinate me. In no particular order: Greco-Roman mythology – This is a more recent development, primarily because of my research interests over the last couple of years. While mythology encompasses a great deal, my primary interests have been mythological monsters/creatures, the underworld, and religion–quite a… More Things that Fascinate Me

Long Book Titles

As I’ve refined the tentative title of my dissertation a few times, it has remained thus far fairly manageable. Some of my fellow doctoral students, however, have had to trim theirs down considerably. Longer titles are commonplace in academic writing, but it seems that several generations ago there was a tendency, at least with some,… More Long Book Titles

Custom Packaging

Thankfully, when it comes to ordering things online (which we do a lot!), we rarely have issues with packaging (there was one exception a few years ago). The other day I ordered a replacement key for my laptop. Being such a small item, I figured it would arrive in a small padded envelope. It didn’t–it arrived… More Custom Packaging