Song of the Day

Think you’ve heard the worst collaboration of voice and instrument? Allow me to introduce you to The Unbelievable Believers and the term “unbelievable” couldn’t be more appropriate.

Before you begin to think that I posted this because I hate you, take a moment and reflect. I am merely doing this not to torture you, but to demonstrate the truth of the phrase “It could always be worse…”



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Quote of the Day, courtesy of Jim West

Toward the end of this post Jim laments the fashion trends adopted by modern teens, a sentiment I can agree with for the most part. However, Jim treats us to a most quotable quote at the end. Wait for it…

Kids these days.  Weirdos.  Now in my day, kids new [sic] how to dress! (emphasis mine)

Is that so? Well, we demand photographic evidence to substantiate these claims! 🙂

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Coffee, Humor

Jim’s going to up his coffee intake…

…because scientists have reportedly found through research that

Those who drink two or three cups a day have a 15 per cent lower incidence of depression than those who rarely do so, found academics at Harvard School of Public Health in the US.  Although they emphasised the study did not prove that caffieine protected against depression, they noted that there appeared to be a “dose-dependent response”. That is, those who drank the most coffee tended to suffer the least from depression.

This is good for the coffee industry, but Jim says he’s upping his coffee consumption to about 7-9 cups per day. What would this do to Jim?

Have a look.

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Biblical Studies, Humor, Quotes

Quote of the Day

I’m reading an article in the newest JBL by Jennifer A. Glancy and Stephen D. Moore entitled “How Typical a Roman Prostitute Is Revelation’s ‘Great Whore’? and one statement was so humorous that I nearly laughed out loud (I happened to have read it during our break in class, with plenty of people still in the room). Here it is.

Even more memorable than the pimp-emperor is the whore-empress.

Who says scholars are boring! 🙂

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