Song of the Day

Think you’ve heard the worst collaboration of voice and instrument? Allow me to introduce you to The Unbelievable Believers and the term “unbelievable” couldn’t be more appropriate. Before you begin to think that I posted this because I hate you, take a moment and reflect. I am merely doing this not to torture you, but to… More Song of the Day

An Insult Arsenal

I found this over at Trevin Wax’s blog and found it to be hilarity without match! I’m confident that if Jim gets wind of this, he’ll have even more ways in which to besmirch dilettantes everywhere! Insult someone like Shakespeare! Enjoy! Αυτω η δοξα

Quote of the Day

I’m reading an article in the newest JBL by Jennifer A. Glancy and Stephen D. Moore entitled “How Typical a Roman Prostitute Is Revelation’s ‘Great Whore’? and one statement was so humorous that I nearly laughed out loud (I happened to have read it during our break in class, with plenty of people still in… More Quote of the Day