Favorite Christmas Songs

Brian LePort posted yesterday asking about everyone’s favorite and most disliked Christmas hymns. Well, since I’m obviously not as pious and holy as Brian, I thought I’d post some of my favorite Christmas and seasonal favorites. Wizards in Winter by Trans-Siberian Orchestra (you know, the house with the lights synced with the music?) O Come… More Favorite Christmas Songs

Advent Devotions

DTS has put together an advent devotion series on the names of Jesus, each written by a DTS professor. Looks interesting and I’ll be stopping in to see what they have to say. Check it out here. Αυτω η δοξα

Packing Up

Well, we’ve got probably 90% or more of our stuff packed and I must say that packing up a house and office worth of stuff is positively awful. All we have left is furniture and last-minute necessities–tv, computer, a change of clothes and hygienic items. It’s strange looking at this house with empty bookshelves and no… More Packing Up

Christmas and Myth

Ben Witherington posted an insightful piece regarding much of the myth that has crept into our popular notions of the account of Christ’s birth. Read the whole thing here. I remember it was one of my Greek professors in seminary, in a class on Matthew, who shared with us much of the information in Witherington’s… More Christmas and Myth

Happy Thanksgiving

A Happy Thanksgiving to all in biblioblogdom! What am I thankful for? The saving grace of God My wonderful wife and kids Scripture family and friends high-speed internet holiday goodies (fudge, pralines, “trash”, fried turkey, my brother-in-law’s “duck d’oeuvres”!) health freedom being southern ;-) There are, of course, many things for which I am thankful… More Happy Thanksgiving