Book Review: BHS – A Reader’s Edition

Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia: A Reader’s Edition Hendrickson | Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft | Amazon | CBD Several years ago (like with the Greek New Testament) I bought Zondervan’s A Reader’s Hebrew Bible (hereafter RHB) and have used it quite a bit. It’s a handy volume and I haven’t really looked to replace it; however, now that I’ve… More Book Review: BHS – A Reader’s Edition

OT Textual Criticism

Having to work through yet another set of text-critical issues for my paper, I am content to think of such exercises as providential plagues! How long, O Lord, how long? Αυτω η δοξα, Jason

Call for Resources

I have decided to preach through the book of Jonah at the conclusion of this semester (and before I start summer sessions). Here’s where I need your suggestions–resources! I have plenty in the way of lexical and grammatical resources, but not in the way of commentaries and other resources. I don’t only want suggestions for… More Call for Resources

Quote of the Day

Thanks to Dr. Claude Mariottini for the quote of the day (taken from his post on the divine name): “Christians should avoid using the name Jehovah because it does not provide an accurate translation of the Hebrew name for God. And, although I am going against the majority of Biblical scholars on this issue, I… More Quote of the Day

Hebrew is…

…killing me! I’ve mentioned how I’ve neglected my Hebrew since I graduated seminary and now it’s catching up with me. Here’s an analogy. Hebrew is a pool/sea/other body of water and mostly I’ve been able to tread water well enough to keep my head above the surface, maybe even muster the strength to break out… More Hebrew is…