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Making of the Mob

As I mentioned not long ago, one cultural phenomenon that has long intrigued and fascinated me is the Mob (I blame The Godfather and GoodFellas!). I just saw on Twitter that AMC is airing an eight-part special entitled The Making of the Mob narrated by Ray Liotta. Oh this is a must-watch for me! Set your DVRs!! Αυτω η δοξα

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Book Review: Toxic Spirituality

Toxic Spirituality: Four Enduring Temptations of Christian Faith by Eric Gritsch Fortress | Amazon | CBD Emeritus Professor of Church History at Gettysburg Lutheran Seminary Eric Gritsch offers a “reality check” to the church at large concerning four strains of Christianity that have “weakened, indeed abused, the core of Christian tradition.”  Who are these four horsemen… Continue reading Book Review: Toxic Spirituality