Thought for the Day

Michael Patton suggests the following as a means of stemming the tide of abandoning Christ: "To lay theological foundations through critical thinking. To understand that the great commission is to make disciples, not simply converts. And most importantly, we must pray that God will grant a revival of the mind knowing that without the power… More Thought for the Day

Thought for the Day

“We should spend more time figuring out how to create a wider front door instead of focusing on how we can "close the back door"… even if that means losing people who give us a lot of money [there, I said it].” This is part of a post over at Catalystspace entitled “10 Things That… More Thought for the Day


Big change is coming to our family… We’re moving to Texas! I accepted a call to pastor First Baptist Church, Seagoville, TX, and we will be moving the week after Christmas. This is such a big transition for us. When we moved here to Forest Hill, LA, after I finished seminary, the transition wasn’t so… More Moving

On Using Notes

Here’s a question for you out there who preach/teach regularly in a church setting (I have in mind primarily pastors, but anyone may chime in!). What is your “policy” on using notes? If you use them, do you use a simple outline or copious notes that cover every jot and tittle of the text? I… More On Using Notes

Revival: Day 4

Tonight we concluded our fall revival and it was another tremendous service. I can honestly say that in the nearly-6 years we’ve been here, this has been the best revival yet. By “best” I mean that those in attendance were most receptive to God’s word and I think were genuinely moved by God’s spirit to… More Revival: Day 4

Revival: Day 3

As you might expect, we had another great revival meeting tonight! Our attendance has been uncharacteristically high and I believe most everyone has really benefited from the teachings of Mark’s Gospel. Tonight, Dr. Meyer preached from Mark 9:14-10:45, continuing to unfold the narrative as it revealed the continued partial blindness of the disciples. What’s so… More Revival: Day 3

Revival: Day 2

Tonight’s service was great! We are experiencing an increase in attendance for the evening services, which is not the norm from years past! Dr. Meyer delivered a fantastic sermon tonight from Mark 8-9 on discipleship. We have probably all heard a sermon or two on Jesus’ words concerning taking up your cross and following him,… More Revival: Day 2