Book Review: Dictionary of Daily Life in Biblical & Post-Biblical Antiquity

Dictionary of Daily Life in Biblical & Post-Biblical Antiquity, Vol. 2: De–H Hendrickson | Amazon | CBD Many thanks to the kind folks at Hendrickson for this review copy! Along with an abundance of Bible translations available to the English-speaking world, we also have a wealth of resources and tools with which to study the… More Book Review: Dictionary of Daily Life in Biblical & Post-Biblical Antiquity

The Final Battle

Ben Witherington had this to say about the final cosmic battle in Revelation: There is such a strong stress on God’s control over the final eschatological situation in apocalyptic literature that when in fact one gets to the final showdown, it turns out not to be a battle between human forces, which we might call… More The Final Battle

From Faith to Faith

I was reading through Romans 1 earlier and was curious how you out there interpret the phrase ἐκ πίστεως εἰς πίστιν. I haven’t read through commentaries or works on Romans lately, so I don’t recall what the prevailing interpretation is (if one is even more dominant than others). Here’s the whole verse: δικαιοσύνη γὰρ θεοῦ… More From Faith to Faith

BibleWorks 10

Like many of you, I’ve used Bible software for many years in numerous iterations–eSword, Bible Navigator, Libronix, Logos, Accordance, BibleWorks, et al. Each has their strengths and weaknesses and each one’s usefulness boils down to your purpose for using it and your personal preferences for an interface. For me, I have preferred BibleWorks since I… More BibleWorks 10

John’s Use of Gematria

One among many issues in the book of Revelation concerns the mark of the beast–666. While I have my own interpretation/understanding of what that means, it’s been the subject of intense debate over the years. A plethora of candidates have been offered–Muhammad, the Roman Catholic Church, the papacy, various individual popes, Emperor Frederick II Hohenstaufen, Martin Luther,… More John’s Use of Gematria