For Your “End-Times” Preachers

One of my former profs Gerald Stevens writes “Signs of the times” preaching is pure gimmickry. The goal is to persuade an uncritical audience, which, given America’s rampant scriptural ignorance, general gullibility, pervasive conspiracy mindset, and widespread fears of social and political disruption, is not that hard. Gerald L. Stevens, Revelation: The Past and Future… More For Your “End-Times” Preachers

Caird on Sin

I like G. B. Caird and I think his synopsis of the evil in the world is spot on. This quote come from his commentary on Revelation, specifically his discussion of the locusts of chapter nine and their human-like faces (p. 120). He writes Evil may take many sinister forms and ramify far beyond the… More Caird on Sin

Blogging through The Lost World of Scripture: Proposition 3

Part 1, Proposition 3 – Effective communication must accommodate to the culture and nature of the audience Walton here tackles the prickly issue of accommodation, an area in which he has greatly helped me in my understanding of Scripture me over the years. Essentially Walton argues that God has accommodated the medium of human communication… More Blogging through The Lost World of Scripture: Proposition 3

Wisdom for the Day

Timothy Michael Law rightly states in his excellent volume When God Spoke Greek (p. 33): If a translation is done accurately, the new audience can peer into the original; if it is done poorly, it could start wars. Ah, the importance of good translation! Αυτω η δοξα