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Hebrew-Greek Bible Typo

Not terribly long ago, I wrote a review for Hendrickson’s Complete Hebrew-Greek Bible, which you can read here if you’re interested. One feature I appreciate in Greek NTs is the inclusion of section/pericope headings and the CHGB includes them in the NT portion. I was reading through Mark’s Gospel today and noticed a typo in chapter 1 (p. 99). The section “Jesus Faces Temptation” for Mark 1:12–13 is rightly denoted and includes references to the synoptic parallels in Matt 4:1–11 and Luke 4:1–13; however, in the next section, which is Mark 1:14–20 and is rightly labeled “Jesus Calls His First Disciples,” lists the same parallels as those concerning Jesus’ temptation. This is clearly a dittography of sorts.

I don’t point this out to bag on Hendrickson—far from it. I can only the imagine the work that went into typesetting, proofing, and generally overseeing this volume. When humans are in charge, mistakes are inevitable, especially when it involves a book with three languages and more than 1,800 pages. I don’t know if there are other examples of this, though I haven’t noticed others to this point. If it’s just an isolated incident, there’s no detraction from the book’s value.

If you’re one of those savages who writes in their books, I suppose you could make a note. *shudder

4 thoughts on “Hebrew-Greek Bible Typo”

  1. Having committed more than a few errors in publications over the years (of a typographical nature, but some of which can actually change the meaning of sentences) I have been on to publishers for years suggesting that each have a section of their website for errata, to which authors can contribute. None has taken me up, though the additional cost would be minimal. Erratum slips are a thing of the past; the publishers say that they are too expensive. So perhaps you could gently suggest this to Hendrickson. Perhaps, once somebody starts, others may catch on.

    1. Alistair,

      I’ve thought about doing this over the years because I do, on occasion, happen up typos. My hesitance has stemmed largely from a concern of being nit-picky and pointing out others’ mistakes. However, it’s understandable that even with multiple passes through editors’ eyes, mistakes will slip through. I think an online form would be a great way for publishers to be informed of typographical and other errors in their publications.

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