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Memory or something else?

When I think of certain scholars, such as Jacob Neusner, Thomas Schreiner, Darrell Bock, N. T. Wright, et al, one thing always comes to mind–how do they write so much?? Seriously, one look at Neusner’s published bibliography is enough to make many scholars retreat to a corner sucking their thumbs while quietly weeping. To be serious, though, how do they do it? I figure it’s a rare blend of tremendous memory recall and an above-average ability to sit and write for long periods of time, but surely there is more to it than these factors (granted these would account for most of it).

As I have comprehensive exams a couple of months away (which will require lots of sitting and writing) and a dissertation to follow, I wish I could say I can write like these men; however, I can’t–not even close. I’m sure these (and others) have developed their abilities over their many years of research and writing, so I have no delusions that I could somehow develop such abilities, either in the near or distant future. Nevertheless, I would like to get better, more efficient when it comes to writing. I would love to hear what some of you do to to maximize your writing time. Thanks in advance!

Αυτω η δοξα


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