Going to SBL

I had initially planned to attend this year’s SBL annual meeting, then decided to not to (for various reasons). However, I’ve decided (again!) to attend, so I’m wondering what suggestions you more experienced attenders might proffer as to navigate the logistics of an annual meeting? I’m not presenting, so I’ll have the luxury of choosing various sessions to attend. This is the one thing I’ve heard from others–plan which sessions to attend and only go to the ones that are of great interest! I’m also going to get a feel for the “job fair” element. I’m still a couple of years from finishing my PhD, but I want to see how the process works, meet folks, and chat with others who have been through the process.

Naturally, I would greatly like to meet many of you with whom I’ve interacted online, but have not met personally.

More pressing, however, is the need for accommodations. At this point, finding a place to stay could likely determine whether or not I can actually attend the meeting. So, do any of you need a roommate to share the cost of a hotel room? I’m sure the rooms downtown are outrageous, but I’ll stay if the daily cost is manageable. I’m not above staying out from downtown a bit provided transportation is not a hassle. I don’t want to book a flight until a room has been settled, so the sooner the better!

You’ll be happy to know I would be a great roommate. I don’t snore, I practice good hygiene, and promise not to stand at your bedside draped in a Snuggie and stare at you while you sleep. I’ll leave that to Joel Watts.

If you can help a brother out, let me know ASAP!

Αυτω η δοξα


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