Music Monday

Things have been crazy of late, but the lull has returned as has afforded a few minutes to post, this time another Music Monday.

Most the of the must I listen to is intense–heavy guitars, thundering percussion, and harsh vocals. Today’s selection is also intense, but at the other end of the spectrum: Mumford & Sons’ Wilder Mind.

mumford-and-sons-wilder-mindThis album has likely already begun to divide M&S’ rabid fan base as it marks a departure from the soulful English folk that launched them to stardom in their native UK and the US. I like Sigh No More and love Babel, so I wasn’t sure what to think when I heard the first song from this album. There was no question it was good–this bunch is quite talented–but would a virtually folk-free album from M&S really hold up?

After numerous listens, I have come to love this album. While the folk instrumentation is all but gone on this album, the soul and heartfelt songwriting remains the heartbeat of M&S and it shines through on every track. You can almost hear banjos and and Mumford’s signature sing kick drum, but alas they are absent, replaced by electric guitars and full drum kit. Marcus Mumord still plays is acoustic as he always had, but I reiterate–what made M&S truly unique is still present, it’s only presented through different instruments.

While I like every song on this album, the standouts are Tompkins Square Park (which has a modern Don Henley Boys of Summer vibe [a song I loved as a kid]), Believe, The Wolf, Monster, Only Love, and Hot Gates.

Αυτω η δοξα


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