Music Monday

Today’s Music Monday selection is the album III by UK metalers Xerath. I only discovered Xerath relatively recently, but I was an instant fan.

x - iiiI suppose I would classify Xerath as a progressive metal band, but not in the vein of Dream Theater or Between the Buried and Me. They are heavy, but their style is more of a medium paced metal–there are no blast beats, blazing fast rhythms and solos, etc. But make no mistake–Xerath is heavy! This album I would liken to an army of foot soldiers taking to the field of battle, whose march is so great they shake the ground. You could play this in the background of any movie with epic battle sequences (300, Lord of the Rings, etc.) and it would be quite fitting (though admittedly a tad out of place!).  Xerath is technically sound and the production on this album captures their unique breed of heavy bombastic metal wonderfully. It just sounds big, so give it a listen and take shelter.

Some of my favorite tracks are 2053I Hold Dominion, Autonomous, Bleed This Body Clean, and Sentinels.

Check out III‘s predecessor II in its entirety here.

Αυτω η δοξα

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