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Random Apocryphal Verse of the Day

Just for fun, I thought I’d see what verse/text I could find by opening J. K Elliott’s The Apocryphal New Testament to a random page and randomly selecting a text to share. There are some real gems in this book, so there’s no telling what will come up. Could be inspirational, could be revolting–there’s only one way to find out!

And the randomly chosen text is….from The Arabic Infancy Gospel, 40. The texts reads (at the end of the section)

The Lord Jesus therefore said, ‘Come, boys, let us go and play.’ And immediately, while these women were standing by, the kids were changed into boys.

The dating of this texts probably goes back to the fifth-sixth century and is reminiscent of The Gospel of Thomas. Like many texts, this one makes little sense without context. The kids here are not children–they are goats. So, what we have is Jesus transforming kids, i.e., young goats, into people. Now that’s quite a feat! Ah apocryphal works–you never cease to entertain!

Αυτω η δοξα




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