Music Monday

Today’s Music Monday selection is from a band I’ve followed from the beginning–Demon Hunter. Their latest release, Extremist, is probably my favorite of theirs thus far and figures heavily in my rotation.

DH - EThis is another album where I like every song–no skips necessary! One of the reasons I like this album so much is that I can hear throughout elements that remind me of all their previous albums. It’s not a rehash though–every song is fresh and new and reflects the maturity that DH has achieved as a band with many years experience on the road and in the studio. The quality of production is also excellent. I feared with the previous two albums (True Defiance and The World Is A Thorn) that the production was too “poppy”, for lack of a better word, too clean and neat. While Extremist is definitely cleaner than it’s not, it’s not overly so. I do wish the bass guitar were a bit more prominent, but overall the final product is tight and precise.

I became aware of Demon Hunter primarily because I was a big fan of frontman Ryan Clark’s previous bands Training for Utopia and Focal Point (for whom my band years ago opened in Dallas and Austin!). DH’s self-titled premier hooked me from the outset and I’ve been a fan ever since. Ryan Clark, in my opinion, is one of the better song writers in the hard music scene and his vocals I’ve always enjoyed. Many critics of DH fault them for walking too fine a line between metal and, say, heavy rock (or radio-friendly metal), but this is one the aspects of DH I’ve always appreciated. Clark’s ability to deliver on both sides makes him more versatile than many of his peers. He is the heart and soul of DH and without him DH would not be the same.

Favorite tracks: Artificial Light, I Will Fail You, In Time, Heart of a Graveyard

Listen to the whole album here or buy it here.

Αυτω η δοξα


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