Music Monday on Tuesday

I intended to do a Music Monday post yesterday, but was too busy to get around to it. So, here it is on Tuesday, since yesterday’s full-album selection was the same as today’s. The album? Scryers of the Ibis by Ovid’s Withering, a metal outfit hailing from Tampa, FL.

Ovids-Withering-Scryers-Of-The-Ibis-604x604 This has been one of my favorite albums since it came out a couple of years ago–it still gets regular play. It’s one of those albums where every song can stand on its own, but each is better experienced in conjunction with the others. I’ve spun this album countless times from start to finish and very seldom do I listen to a song by itself.

Everything about this album is superb. The rhythm guitars are bone-crunching, the leads are subtle, yet compliment the rhythms nicely, the drums are performed with precision, and lead vocalist J J “Shiv” Polachek delivers unearthly growls (he also fronts another of my favorite bands 7 HORNS 7 EYES). When it comes to music, production is always important and I happen to think OW’s Scryers is splendidly produced. The overall mix is really good and allows each instrument and performer to shine, particularly the drums–they sound raw and unfiltered but not so much that they sound like they’re being played in a garage. There are several rolls that end on the floor toms that are thunderous goodness!

Another element that I love about this album is the fact that the lyrics are derived straight from Greek mythology, particularly concerning Poseidon. Greek mythology and skillfully executed deathcore? Why, that’s a lovely combo!

Listen here.

Αυτω η δοξα


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