Music Monday

My commute to work averages about 35 minutes, which means I have ample opportunity to listen to plenty of music to make the drive a little more pleasant.

Today’s Music Monday selection is one my favorite albums from the last decade–Further Seems Forever’s Hide Nothingfsf - hnFSF has been around a while now and has quite the following. There have been a number of lineup changes, and as with any band like this, there are various camps who prefer one vocalist over another. I count myself in the minority with those who favored John Bunch over Chris Carrabba and Jason Gleason. The other guys were solid to be sure, but I already knew John Bunch from his stint in Sense Field, and since I loved his vocals with them, I was predisposed to like him in FSF. I also love that this band is partially comprised of members of one of my favorite bands from the 90s–Strongarm.

This is one of those albums on which I like every song, though naturally some more than others. It’s always good when you can turn on an album and not have to skip tracks. Standout tracks for me include  Light Up Ahead (acoustic version here), Hide Nothing, and Make It a Part.

Αυτω η δοξα


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