Things that Fascinate Me

Just a random thought for a post–a few subjects that fascinate me.

In no particular order:

  1. Greco-Roman mythology – This is a more recent development, primarily because of my research interests over the last couple of years. While mythology encompasses a great deal, my primary interests have been mythological monsters/creatures, the underworld, and religion–quite a trinity, eh?
  2. Imperial Rome – There is also plenty of mythology bound up in the study of Imperial Rome! My interests here are less on the mythological side; I enjoy reading and learning about the mystique and personas of the emperors. Yes, some of them were terrible people and committed acts that are grotesque and barbarous to modern minds (probably too for those who were the recipients of their deeds), but other aspects of their lives and influence are quite interesting. I suppose that’s why empire criticism has also been a subject on which I’ve been reading in recent years.
  3. Sasquatch, or Bigfoot – I’m not quite sure why, but I’ve always been fascinated by this legendary creature. I would trace it partly to my childhood when my uncle showed me the movie The Legend of Boggy Creek. Even now I still love that movie, bad as it may be. I have seen/currently watch also every episode of Finding Bigfoot, as well as practically every documentary ever televised on the subject. Do I believe sasquatches exist? Possibly, though without conclusive videographic, biological, and/or other compelling evidence, I’ll remain undecided.
  4. The assassination of JFK – Again, I’m not sure what’s so compelling about this, but I have been intrigued by this tragedy for many years. We were recently downtown and walked over to Dealey Plaza where the whole tragic event sequence unfolded. It was quite eerie to be sure, seeing the window from which Oswald fired his rifle, the yellow X on the street marking where Kennedy was struck, and the grassy knoll where the alleged second gunman was situated. I’m not one given to conspiracies, but I find the various theories swirling about this event fascinating (awkwardly discussed in this scene from Slacker). For the record, I don’t believe Oswald acted alone–there had to be a second gunman.
  5. 9/11 – This one is perhaps the most explicable–it was an event that happened in my lifetime, in adulthood no less. Like so many, I remember where I was and what I was doing when the news of what happened arrived. Every year I look forward to the deluge of 9/11 programs on TV. My fascination is not consumed with the conspiracies–I don’t believe it was inside job–but with the whole story. I should also say that my fascination with 9/11 is not some morbid enjoyment of watching those images and the utter dismay that came in the wake of that day–it was a horror, a tragedy. I suppose my interest in it is more contemplative, though I can’t quite explain it.
  6. Atomic weaponry  – Perhaps the most terrifying possibility that became a reality was the creation of atomic weapons. Like 9/11 and JFK’s assassination, my curiosity here is one filtered through the lens of historical observation and study. I suppose that atomic weaponry was inevitable, but it is one fruit of scientific advancement that most probably wish had never been discovered.
  7. The Mafia – I know, a trend is becoming apparent–I am intrigued by things of a less than savory nature! Like other subjects in this list, I can’t explain this one. I suppose part of my curiosity with organized crime centers on how a comparatively small group of immigrants grew into an organization that wielded unimaginable authority and control over society. I love the movies, the biographies and documentaries, and books about the mafia, particularly the obvious GoodfellasThe Sopranos, and The Godfather.

So, those are a few things that fascinate me. What about you–what plucks your strings of curiosity?

Αυτω η δοξα


3 thoughts on “Things that Fascinate Me

  1. Wow, despite its generally unsavoury nature, your list still has quite a bit of variety! I agree with number one especially – I sometimes read the Greek and Roman myths to my kids, and we find them weird but enthralling. I feel like I don’t really have such an eclectic mix of interests as you though, morbid or otherwise.

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