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Best Commentaries on Revelation

My last seminar this spring will be focused on the catholic epistles and Revelation. Though I haven’t narrowed my research topic for this semester yet, I will likely pick up a few commentaries on Revelation and was wondering what recommendations you might have.

I already own volumes by Osborn (BECNT), Smalley (IVP), Blount (NTL), and Mounce (NICNT). Beale is an obvious choice and I will likely invest in it as well as Aune’s in WBC, but what others? Malina’s volume I’ve considered, though I’m not sold. I’ve pondered Koester’s as well, but I don’t know that I’m going to plunk down that much change for a single commentary.

Any thoughts would be welcome!

Αυτω η δοξα


8 thoughts on “Best Commentaries on Revelation”

    1. He didn’t write any series on the Apocalypse. He wrote a good commentary on the whole book of Revelations. You can listen to a interview of him here on the book. I know he treads on some’s toes regarding this book. But, that is the nature of good research.

  1. David DeSilva and Michael Gorman have both written decent books.

    The problem with Malina’s is that for all of its insights, and it does have some, he never really cites his sources. He seemingly creates his Reading Scenarios out of thin air.

  2. Daniel: I’m familiar with her work on Gnosticism, but not on the Apocalypse–I’ll look into it!

    Geoff: I love DeSilva’s work on other subjects, so I’m anxious to look into his work on Revelation. Gorman too–thanks for the suggestions!

  3. Craig: I found it–it’s the New Covenant series. I’m not familiar with it, i.e., I haven’t read any of the volumes in that series, but I’ll definitely check it out.

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