Heaven Help Us!

From the fount of ever-flowing confusion and hilarity that is Bible Students Say… comes this gem. Oh Heaven help us!

“We should be studying theologians like David Jeremiah, John Hagee, Perry Stones, T.D. Jakes, Franklin Graham, and Ed Young Jr…Each of these men have made great contributions to society and globally. These men should also be looked upon and studied.”

If you aren’t following @BibleStdntsSay on Twitter, you really should. You’ll laugh, you’ll weep, you’ll break out your sackcloth and ashes and there may be gnashing of teeth. It’s that good!

Αυτω η δοξα


3 thoughts on “Heaven Help Us!”

  1. He’s right about Perry Stone. That man had a major influence on me and got me interested in really studying the Bible. When I was a new believer I emailed him and shared a bit of my testimony with him and he sent me a box with like 16 of his books. I read the majority of them with great profit.

  2. Nick: He’s the one on here I’m not really familiar with, though I’ve seen him on TV a few times. And they have all had their measure of influence for sure. I know of Graham more because of his disaster relief work and the others just because of their media presence. Personally, I wouldn’t give their works much consideration primarily because I don’t typically read that kind of stuff, but also because I doubt I’d find much benefit in them. My take, of course.

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