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The Point of Revelation?

There’s no question that Revelation is easily the most difficult book in the NT to interpret, perhaps in all of the canon, and I don’t have to rehash exactly why. Perhaps because of my immersion in Jewish apocalyptic over the last few months, I’ve rekindled my fascination with John’s apocalypse–quite a good thing since I have a few review books on it waiting!

Phil Long argues for the worship of God as the theological point of Revelation, which I could certainly see based on his brief discussion. I was reading Brian Blount’s commentary on Revelation last night and he rather bluntly asserts that Revelation is about one thing: Jesus. He says,

There are many visions; there is only one Revelation, and it is hiding in plain sight. Many claim that there is some great mystery behind the secret of Revelation. Many claim that one needs proper methods of translation and computation to break the code of Revelation. Many believe that the primary message of Revelation was not for John’s church in John’s time, but for the universal Christian church in some future time. They are wrong. Revelation’s one revelation is the same revelation revealed by the Gospel writers, Paul, and the many disciples who followed each of them. Revelation’s revelation is that Jesus Christ is Lord. It is that simple and that straightforward. Jesus Christ is the Lord of human history, the director of human desitny, the controller of human fortune. Jesus is Savior, Redeemer, transformer, and Lord. – 13

Whether or not he sees at least some of Revelation as future I’ll find out as I read further, but I rather agree with general assertion. I find this works well with Phil’s premise of the worship of God–understanding who Jesus is and what he has accomplished is inextricably connected to proper worship of God.

Αυτω η δοξα

PS–CBD has Blount’s commentary for only $13–get it while you can!


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