The BCS and the Championship Game

What do I think of the BCS? I think it’s a sham and a joke, but certainly a cash cow, which is why it is not likely to go anywhere any time soon. After all, money is the controlling factor in the world of American football, both collegiate and professional. That’s why coaches don’t boot criminals off the squad. If the criminal is a good player, well he just has to play because key players generally help the team to win and winning is the most important thing. Why? Obviously because winning insures $$$.

There’s also the issue of not letting the game decide who the real champion is. Whoever wins the stupid game should be the champion, but the BCS leaves open the possibility for co-champions. Take this year’s championship for example. The pitiful tigers put up what surely has to be the worst performance at least in BCS history, if not all time. What a dismal showing! To think of awarding them a share of the title would be ludicrous, ridiculous, and downright shameful. Who cares if they went undefeated in the regular season and won the conference–they stunk and got drubbed in the game that mattered!

There was chatter of some AP voters still casting the now-embarrassed tigers as #1, but surely their brains have been shaken free of the cobwebs after last night’s beating. Gene Wojciechowski from ESPN says,

To those LSU followers who think they got short-sheeted by the BCS …

To those Oklahoma State honks who insist their team belonged here Monday night …

To those Associated Press voters who said they would keep LSU atop their ballots even if the Tigers lost to Alabama …

To all of them I say, ‘Are you nuts?’

(read the rest here)

*UPDATE* Alabama voted #1 in polls–outright champs, as they should be.

Speaking of last night’s game, did you see Alabama handle the little kittens so ably? Sure Alabama only scored one touchdown, but that’s one more than ls-poo scored in both meetings this year. The stats say it all, so here is a reminder of last night’s performance.

Those who know me know my feelings towards the putrid purple and yellow (it’s not gold, ok?), so it will be no surprise that this was a picture perfect game for me! And to think I seriously considered not even watching it! The only thing that would have made it better is if Alabama had scored a few more touchdowns! The kitties were nothing short of awful and that’s just the way I like it. The BCS and LSU–two entities that could fade into oblivion and I wouldn’t miss either.

Ok, I’m done.

Αυτω η δοξα


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