Just Arrived

I mentioned the other day looking for Chrarlesworth’s volumes on the OT pseudepigrapha (1 & 2) and happened upon a great deal, so I ordered them. I was pleased to see they arrived today! Only six days from the placement of order to their arrival on my doorstep–not bad! I was also very pleased that the seller took the time to properly package the books to prevent shipping while in transit.

I ordered these from HPB Marketplace, the on-line arm of Half Price Books. They are linked with independent sellers all around the world and I was able to find these two volumes, brand new paperbacks, for $44 including the shipping. I know that many have aired their grievances lately about Amazon’s price-checking practices, so if you don’t want to buy from them, I would encourage you to check out HPB Marketplace. You’ll be buying from actual stores and their connections the world wide may yield the prize you so desperately seek! Ok, that’s a little dramatic, but you get it.

Αυτω η δοξα


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