I hate it when…

…I do this to a book.

Αυτω η δοξα


5 thoughts on “I hate it when…”

  1. It’s not you. It’s the publisher/printer/binder.
    There is too little to keep the pages attached to the spine. It happens to me on a regular basis.
    Printers should understand that people want a book to open widely. Of course it also happens with older paper back, and the occasional glued hardcover.
    I wouldn’t take the blame, myself.

  2. Yes, this aggravates me to no end. And, Skip and Mike, you’re right. I pushed firmly enough to get the thing to stay open but it was too much. I love books that are tightly bound, but not when I can’t lay it open and it stay.

  3. I especially hate it when the book to which this happens is a Bible. Even more so when that Bible is a bonded or genuine leather Bible that just isn’t very functional unless it stays open and flat.

    I only mention this because it has happened recently, much to my disappointment. 😦

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