Scary/Horror Movies

I don’t know about you, but I like horror movies. I don’t especially care for gore, but I can tolerate it so long as it’s not the whole point of the movie. Anyway, every year when the weather cools down and fall makes its way to the south, I inexplicably begin to ready myself to watch horror/scary movies. Perhaps it’s because of Halloween’s near (it’s fun to watch the kids dress up, but I don’t really care for the day otherwise) and I know that AMC and other channels will be offering up all kinds of frightful fare. Unfortunately, I usually don’t see a lot of stuff that I really like, but there’s always a handful that I enjoy seeing.

Some of my favorites in the genre are:

  • Halloween – John Carpenter’s original is still one of the best in the genre and remains one of my favorite horror movies of all time. Though the first sequel was ok and a couple of others later were decent, they really can’t even compare to the first. And, I’ve yet to see Rob Zombie’s remake.
  • The Exorcist III – The first in this series is obviously the most memorable, but I would take this one over the original any day.
  • The Omen – Child Antichrist Damien is just plain, well, scary.
  • The Amityville Horror – Sure, it’s probably all a hoax, but the movie has a dreadful sense of foreboding and some very creepy moments. When a voice in a room tells you to get out, it’s time to vacate the premises!
  • The DescentA well-made and claustrophobia-inducing thriller that will give you pause before you go spelunking.
  • A Nightmare on Elm StreetUndoubtedly the best in the series (some of the sequels are hardly worth sitting through) and one that still brings the fear all these years later.
  • The Ring – Though many movies have followed that could be lumped with this one, none of them are quite as eerie as The Ring. Good thing VCRs are becoming a thing of the past!
  • InsidiousWhile admittedly not a terribly original take on ghost stories, it’s still an effective and enjoyable chiller (dimwitted ghost hunters excepted).
  • Poltergeist – A movie that scared the bejeezus out of me as a kid–a classic that continues to stand the test of time.
Others to receive an honorable mention are Silver Bullet, Pet Sematary, Saw, Martyrs, Eden Lake, Friday the 13thWolf Creek, and The Sixth Sense. 
What about you–what are some of your favorites?
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3 thoughts on “Scary/Horror Movies”

  1. I liked Rob Zombie’s remake better than the original Halloween. He goes a bit into the back story of how Michael Myers became the way he was and that was really good. But then Zombie went and made Halloween 2, which was one of the worst horror movies ever!

    From my perspective, real horror movies are the ones that can actually happen. Freddy and Jason aren’t scary. Maniacs who torture and kill people in home invasions (or whatever) are. Eden Lake, Wolf Creek, The Strangers, Funny Games, The Last House on the Left, etc.—those are horror movies!

    But some of my favorite horror flicks are the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre (so much better than the original imo), the remake of Dawn of the Dead, the remake of Halloween (notice a trend yet?), Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, most vampire flicks, pretty much anything based on a Stephen King novel (e.g., Misery, Pet Sematary, The Shining, Cujo, etc.), and way more than I could possible name.

  2. Nick: I’ve got Zombie’s remake of Halloween set on the DVR, so I’ll finally get to see it. And I agree that realistic movies are much more terrifying and you mentioned some good ones that I left out, e.g. The Last House on the Left, Funny Games, and The Strangers. I didn’t put High Tension on the list, even though it’s one of the better home invasion horrors to come out in the last decade (terrible ending notwithstanding). I’ve got another one set to record titled Timber Falls, which based on the description seems like a mix between Wrong Turn and The Hills Have Eyes.

    Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter is actually the first one I saw and so I remember it more than the others, but the original seemed to merit a place on the list. As far as Stephen King cinematic adaptations, I agree–it’s hard to go wrong most of the time. Classics like Misery and The Shining will forever hold their spots in horror cinema.

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