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Are you a hyper-fundamentalist?

If you’re not sure, check out Kevin Bauder’s list and see if you fit the bill. These 8 characteristics are from his chapter in Zondervan’s forthcoming Four Views on the Spectrum of Evangelism.  Yes, I know that such lists are hardly authoritative, but he is awfully accurate. So, get out your pen but pray you don’t have to check off too many!

(via Fundamentally Reformed)

Αυτω η δοξα


2 thoughts on “Are you a hyper-fundamentalist?”

  1. Rob: Wow! I don’t know that I would be classified quite like that, but comparatively I think I’m fairly moderate on the conservative side, on many issues anyway. What’s funny is that you would probably be labeled a conservative or *gasp* a fundamentalist in some institutions!

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