So, I am thinking of writing on Herod Antipas for a short paper this semester (paper concerning some aspect of the historical background of Luke) and need some suggestions for resources. I have volumes like the IVP black dictionaries and NT introductions, but nothing that is devoted to historical backgrounds, at least in detail.

What volumes would you recommend?

Αυτω η δοξα


4 thoughts on “Herod

  1. You might want to look at Harold Hoehner’s Herod Antipas: A Contemporary of Jesus Christ. It was published in 1974, but I am not sure that much more has been discovered as far as primary sources are concerned.

  2. Someone who might know of several useful resources (as it seems to me he’s blogged a bit about the Herod’s and historical reconstruction of the gospel accounts) is Bill Heroman at http://www.billheroman.com/ I’ve found him to have a plethora of info on the historical background to the gospel accounts. (I note he has 53 blog posts dealing with Herod Antipas…so far as I can tell). Hope that helps.

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