Brian LePort is an academic Robin Hood

Why? He says this:

“…it has been my time in seminary that allows me to rob the ivory tower of its treasure in order to share it with the every day saints who will not have the same opportunities as me.”

It’s from his post on the defense of seminary training from the perspective of a student, spurred by Marc Cortez’s original offering on the subject. Give them a read, won’t you?

Αυτω η δοξα


8 thoughts on “Brian LePort is an academic Robin Hood”

  1. Nice! I like the image of Brian running through the first in green tights. Very fitting, though also somewhat disturbing.

  2. Brian: You’re welcome and the allusion seemed so apt!

    Jeff: That font is named Uncial Script and I used Photoshop to design the header. It’s pretty simple, for I am barely a novice!

    Marc: Yes–I didn’t consider the implications of Brian scampering about the academic forest in his green tights! We’ll all toss and turn tonight!

  3. Just thought on the off chance you knew that I don’t like how the ESV and some others use “for” about once a sentence. What you wrote sounds fine, I was just curious. And I would of thought of it as a very friendly razz.

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