We love pizza around here, and recently we got a craving for some Chicago-style pizza. We found a place relatively close and drove up for lunch, only to find out it was closed. So, we broke out the yellow pages Google and found a place called Chicago St. Pizza. The place was small and rather ordinary, so we didn’t know what to expect.

Well,  just let me say–the pizza did not disappoint! Here’s the whole pie:

And here’s the slice profile:

Let me say again–this pizza was superb! It was well worth the 45-minute drive to get it, and yes, we’ll be going back!

As for the NY-Chicago pizza war, I like both. I really like spicy Italian sausage and sauce, so I tend to lean toward the Chicago deep dish. Our local Italian place, however, serves pizza that is much more NY style, and it is delicious as well.

Which style pizza do you prefer?

Αυτω η δοξα


5 thoughts on “Pizza”

  1. I’m going to get a bit preachy here, but what you ate, and what they serve in Chicago is not pizza! It’s a savory meat and cheese pie with some tomato sauce. Let’s forget for a moment that it’s put together in the wrong order; the crust is quite clearly a pie crust and not a pizza crust. You can just as easily fill that deep dish with apple pie filling as you can with sausage, cheese, and chunky tomato sauce.

    So my vote is for what you’ve called NY style pizza (I’d just call it pizza, and I’d argue that we have better pizza in NJ, but I’m a great fan of pretty much all pizza in the tri-state [NJ, NY, PA] area) but even our deep dish pizza (either the round kind, which looks kinda like what you have in the picture, or Sicilian, which is square) is way better than Chicago meat pies. It’s all in the crust, which is directly affected by the water used to make the dough (folks in other parts of the country just don’t have the right water), and the order that the ingredients are put on does make a difference.


  2. Nick: I don’t mind if you feel passionately about your local pizza or if you don’t think what we had is technically pizza. I assumed you would throw in your two cents! I remember watching a show once where they did a blind taste test with pies from different areas and most of the people identified the pizza made with water from a particular part of NY as the best one. It was very interesting. As I said, I don’t discriminate when it comes to good pizza. No matter where it’s from–if it’s good, I’ll eat it!

  3. Looks great!! I used to own a pizza place, I guess our pizzas were more of the Chicago style (we are in Indiana, so what do you expect?)…also sold the best stroms I’ve ever had any where…still trying to find one that tastes as good, haven’t managed that yet!

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