Well, I decided to break the blogging drought and post something. Last week we were neck-deep in VBS. It was a good week–good attendance and participation by most of the kids. I did the bible study for three age groups: K-1, 2-3, and 4-6. The K-1 group has been the hardest just because they’re kids and it’s summer.

A few observations:

  • Teaching concepts like being born again and being born of water and spirit to kids is not easy! I did my best, but it’s hard to know if they understood what I said.
  • Communicating backgrounds and customs of first-century Mediterraneans is not easy, but I think they understood most of what I tried to communicate.
  • Kids often ask off-the-wall questions. Thankfully, I did not have any! I was asked what the seven seals were, though!
  • I find myself wondering about pledging to the Christian flag and the bible (VBS staples). I have no qualms with pledging to the American flag, so I don’t why the issue with these. I think it’s the wording in the pledges that get me–“…to the flag…and to the republic/kingdom…” I understand the point of it all, it just seems strange.
  • I try to be very careful not to coerce or badger kids to make a faith commitment. I presented the gospel a number of times and strongly encouraged them to find me or one of our leaders if they had questions about it or wanted to become a follower of Christ.
  • I couldn’t make it as a kindergarten teacher!
Αυτω η δοξα

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