Well, now that school is finished until August, I feel like I can get back to a more regimented reading schedule. I have more than a few review books to plow through, so I’ll certainly tackle some of those, but I plan to spend most of my reading in languages. Here’s how I hope to break it down over the course of a day:

This is, as I mentioned, what I hope to do, that is barring the unforeseen which is always looming.
So, what are you reading this summer?
Αυτω η δοξα

6 thoughts on “Reading”

  1. Hey Jason,

    I like your approach, in setting time allotments and not amount allotments. It seems inevitable that when we set amount allotments we construct barriers for ourselves. When we don’t accomplish the amount of material we had hoped to read, we then get discouraged. The same, of course, could be said of the time allotment. That is, if we miss our time allotment, then we get discouraged. However, what I like about the time allotment is that opens up inquiry. Your reading along in your BHS and find a grammatical, syntactial, or semantic nugget to peruse, and you can do so. There is no pressure in finishing a prescribed amount of text, but the emphasis rather nicely falls upon mastery of the text (it’s grammar, syntax, semantics, and textual development).

    I like you have done your hoped for schedule. What I find these days is that I would much rather spend time reading with another individual. I think there is much to value in reading the text of Scripture in Hebrew and Greek with a friend nearby to discuss the text.

    Many blessings!

  2. I’m having trouble following this regiment myself, but my current one is:
    At least 30 min to 1 hr studying classical Latin (textbook) everyday.
    At least 30 min to 1 hr studying Russian (textbook) everyday.
    At least 30 min to 1 hr reading Bible everyday.
    At least 15 to 20 mins everday or every other day reading Mortimer Adler’s and Charles Van Doren’s “How
    to Read a Book.”
    Currently reading through Dallas Willard’s “The Spirit of the Disciplines” and convening twice a week for
    an hour and a half for a group discussion. We cover about 2 chapters for every discussion, so about 4
    chapters every week. In about a week and a half we will begin Willard’s next book in this trilogy, “The
    Divine Conspiracy.”
    Reading and praying (and sometimes also meditating on) everday 1 or 2 of the prayers from Richard
    Foster’s “Prayers from the Heart.”
    Whatever extra time is followed by reading in the following:
    (Fiction) War and Peace (Война и мир) which I should finish within a week and a half. Next on the list is
    either Tolstoi’s “Anna Karenina” (Анна Каренина) or Dostoevsky’s “The Brothers Karamazov” (Братья
    Карамазовы). (In english; I’m a long ways yet away from reading these works in the original Russian.)
    (Spiritual) Reading Evelyn Underhill’s classic “Mysticism,” and two classics in spiritual literature, Jeanne
    Guyon’s “Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ” (originally titled, Short and Easy Method of Prayer),
    and Brother Lawrence’s “The Practice of the Presence of God.”
    (Philosophy) Not a lot at the moment, but whatever comes up as related to what I’m currently reading,
    especially Dillard’s books, or what I’ve been discussing with others, especially with those in Church
    and my book discussion.

    As you can see I’m understandibly having trouble being consistent with this regiment, so, for one, I’m considering taken out fiction reading soon after I finish War and Peace so to give more time for the spiritual reading.

  3. The person above commented on reading with nearby friends. As regards disciplining myself to a study/reading regiment, I find that getting together with friends to discuss what you’re reading not only helps you digest and understand the material better but helps keep you accountable and on schedule as to your planned regiment.

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