10 Years Ago…

…I got married! In some ways it’s hard to believe what all has happened in 10 years. Here’s a bit of a rundown.

  1. Got married (duh!)
  2. went on a honeymoon that was plagued with mishaps
  3. got home from the honeymoon and got ready to move to New Orleans
  4. moved to New Orleans *:-)*
  5. Melissa earned her M.Ed. from the University of New Orleans
  6. I earned my M.Div. from NOBTS (lots happened between 4 and 6, including our car being vandalized, Melissa’s identity being stolen, many ball games, and some fantastic dining!)
  7. accepted a call to pastor Pisgah Baptist Church in Forest Hill my last semester at NOBTS (spring 2004)
  8. found out we were expecting our first child, Leah!
  9. lost Melissa’s pappaw (who was a great man) roughly the same time we found out she was pregnant, which was the week I graduated
  10. welcomed Leah to the world
  11. lost my pawpaw in 2005 (he was great–he gave me dill pickles for my birthday one year because I was hooked on them!)
  12. found out were expecting another child–Andrew, who was born in March 2007
  13. planned to return to seminary, but….
  14. found out we were expecting TWINS (I still remember the day we found out!), Evan and Caleb, who were born in October 2008.
  15. said farewell to our Pisgah church family after nearly six years and moved to Seagoville, TX
  16. accepted the call to pastor FBC Seagoville and began PhD studies at Dallas Theological Seminary
  17. and, tonight, to celebrate our ten years of marriage, we’re going to dinner at Wolfgang Puck’s Five Sixty in downtown Dallas in Reunion Tower!
Of course, much more has happened in these ten years that aren’t even glimsped here, but these are some of the highlights. Like any married couple, we’ve had our share of good times and some that weren’t, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Happy anniversary, Melissa–I love you so much!
Here’s to many more years together.
Αυτω η δοξα

8 thoughts on “10 Years Ago…”

  1. Congrats, man! Sounds like quite the adventure. Cindy and I will celebrate 1yr on June 5. It’s also been a wild ride but like you I wouldn’t trade a minute of it.

  2. Ben: Thank you, and early congrats on your upcoming anniversary! Hope all is going well!

    Stuart: His name was the last one to be decided, but couldn’t imagine it any other way!

  3. Great post Jason. I enjoyed reading it. I could use some of your parenting wisdom. Anna and I are close to our fifth year anniversary and our two year old, almost three, is wonderful, but difficult at times. I can’t imagine having four. Although we plan to have five.

  4. Michael: Glad you enjoyed it. Well, I’ve certainly learned a lot with all these kids, though there is so much that still confounds and eludes. Our twins are 2.5 now and they are getting very independent and a bit big for their britches on occasion!

  5. I can imagine. My wife and I are trying to break a terrible habit we started with Lillian of asking her what she wants all the time. We are now trying to tell her when its time to work, play, eat, sleep, etc., and its not going very well. We were on the wrong track, that’s for sure. But good talking with you.

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