Just the evidence I needed!

I don’t mind dressing up a bit for Sunday morning service. I don the requisite suit, button-up shirt, and neck tie and have been for years. Sunday nights are much more casual–nice blue jeans, button-up shirt, and non-tennis shoes. However, I’ve entertained the notion lately of leaving the neckties in the closet, at least for the summer months. I actually like the look of the coat and tie, but let’s face it–they can be a bit uncomfortable. Aside from that, it’s hot in the summer here in the south (you northerners really don’t know what a hot summer is!) and the time it takes us to get all six of us from the vehicle to the church is plenty of time for my collar to become dampened with sweat. Yes, it’s cool in the building, but by then the damage is done.

But now there is evidence that compels to leave the neckties in the closet–scientific evidence that it’s best not to where them!

According to public health officials in the U.K., who are trying to reduce the number of hospital-acquired infections, are forbidding doctors from wearing neckties because they

  • “are rarely laundered”
  • “perform no beneficial function in patient care,” and
  • “have been shown to be colonized pathogens.”
As we all know, such studies are always right and there is no hope of new and different findings to contradict these claims. Therefore, I shall relegate my neckties to the closet as an act of goodwill toward my parishioners–I don’t want them to get any germs that may be residing in my neckwear!
Αυτω η δοξα

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