Dir haben sie wohl etwas in den Kaffee getan

In order to aid my comprehension of theological German (and German in general), I thought I would try to find sermons preached in German. To my utter and total dismay, one of the first sites fetched by Google was a sermon preached by none other than dilettante and bigot extraordinaire Steven Anderson. Yes, that Steven Anderson, pastor of Faithful Word Baptist Church. *sigh*

I remember from his now-infamous sermon concerning those who pisseth against the wall, he mentions going to Germany. I’m not sure how he learned to speak German. But sure enough, as I hesitantly clicked on the link, I saw and heard him “preaching” in German. There was another video in which he was teaching a group (presumably his congregants sheeple) basic German pronunciations and such. I just couldn’t believe it. I only listened to a minute or two and had to turn it off.

I’m still interested in hearing sermons and/or lectures in German (lectures that are biblical-theological in content) as a help in learning to read, so I’d be glad to know of any resources you are aware of. But please, no nutcases!

Oh, and if you’re wondering what the expression means in the title, it’s a colloquialism that means “You’ve got to be kidding!” (lit. “they must have put something in your coffee”).

Gott sei die Ehre


3 thoughts on “Dir haben sie wohl etwas in den Kaffee getan”

  1. No problem. Sorry about the Michel Thomas one taking up so much space; I didn’t know it was going to do that.

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