Come on, Amazon

I placed my order for my books for German nearly 10 days ago in hopes that I would have them by today, the first day of class, and they haven’t even shipped yet! I’ve never had an issue with the time it takes them to prepare and ship an order, but this is a bit long. I suppose they’re busy, but come on, Amazon, ship my books already!

*UPDATE* Just got word that ONE of my books has shipped and from the Lexington warehouse…Let’s hope it gets here intact.

Αυτω η δοξα


3 thoughts on “Come on, Amazon

  1. Wow! So sorry to hear that. I can’t say that I’ve ever had to wait that long for something to ship from Amazon. I can’t even recall waiting that long for something to arrive.

  2. A former classmate of mine had a similar experience (though I’m almost sure he did not order through Amazon). He ordered R. T. France’s commentary on Mark (NIGTC) in June 2009 and just got it two months ago ! Sounds like a order or something.

  3. Nick: This is a first for me, and while it certainly won’t turn me away from Amazon, I am bit peeved at this delay.

    Matthew: Nearly two years??? No WAY I’d wait that long!

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