Done, Done, DONE!

Another semester finished and I am beyond relieved. Words of wisdom–start on research papers EARLY! I waited a bit too long to get started on my last three papers of the semester, so I had more late nights (which also means early mornings) than I care for, so next semester I am determined to start on writing assignments from the get go.

It’s so nice to leave my laptop in my office, re-shelve the books that had formed a perimeter wall on my desk, and know that I can go to sleep early tonight (or at least spend the evening watching tv with my wife!).

My break, to some extent however, will be short lived, for I start Theological German Monday. It will be tiresome driving to campus every day, but it’s only a month long and no research and writing, so the load will be easily manageable. I’ll then have an actual summer to be free of the burden of course work, at least until the fall when I will return to the fire hose for a drink–Hebrews and the gospel of Luke. Should be fun, but I’m glad to be done for now!

Αυτω η δοξα


8 thoughts on “Done, Done, DONE!”

  1. Congrats Jason! But don’t we say that every semester? I was in the same situation as you just last weekend, and the semester before I told myself start early on your paper. I turned in my papers for 3 classes so I’m taking a few weeks off then starting right back up.

    Interested in your class on Luke, post your bibliography I’m trying to add more books on Luke.

  2. Robert: Yes, we do say that *but this time I mean it*! When I get the syllabus for my Luke class, I’ll post it. Hope all is going well! And, how about those Mavericks? 🙂

  3. Jason, the Mavs are playing better than the Lakers, sad for me but that’s the truth. What’s bugging me is where has Gasol been? He has been a no show through out the playoffs, including against NOH. And their defense has been horrible.

    Well it was a good run, and fun while it lasted. Just hope they don’t sweep them and least win one game 😉

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