I was reading through Anthony Thiselton’s The Living Paul: An Introduction to the Apostle’s Life and Thought this morning and something caught my eye. The portrait of Paul used on the cover art bears a rather strong resemblance to Gerard Butler, better and forever known as King Leonidas from 300.

What do you think?

Αυτω η δοξα


3 thoughts on “Resemblance?”

  1. It’s spot on. Now the question is: Paul or Leonidas…who is the bigger bada__? (Lord, I apologize…).

    PS…love the new layout. I may jump on the “mystique” bandwagon;-)

  2. Matthew: Well, considering Paul says we don’t wage war against flesh and blood, they’re in two different arenas. So, the answer is Paul for the spiritual war and King Leonidas for the physical!

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