Just Deserts

It seems that a member of the Westboro Baptist Church Synagogue of Satan got a little more than he expected in Brandon, MS. As usual, a crew of Phelpsian reprobates descended upon Brandon to protest the funeral of fallen Marine Staff Sgt. Jason Rogers, who died in Afghanistan. Apparently, while filling up at a gas station, the WBC/SoS member mouthed of to someone else and, well, had his clock cleaned. The Hayride reports,

“Police were called and the beaten man could not give much of a description of who beat him. When they canvassed the station and spoke to the large crowd that had gathered around, no one seemed to remember anything about what had happened.”

I’m no advocate of vigilante justice or any such thing (though I don’t know that this could be considered as such), but I would be lying if I said I didn’t think he deserved what he got. In fact, that a beating was the only thing he or his cohorts might receive is merciful considering the putrid vitriol that they continuously spew. Was it wrong for someone to hand him his rear end for mouthing off? I suppose. Am I sorry that it happened to him? Nope. I genuinely desire for the repentance of Phelps and his lemmings, but so long as they peddle hate and bigotry, they deserve what’s coming to them.

via The Hayride

Αυτω η δοξα


11 thoughts on “Just Deserts”

  1. i dont mean to be picky and you dont have to approve this comment- but you have ‘deserts’ – a vast and empty wasteland. i think the word you meant is ‘desserts’ – a tasty treat post dinner

  2. Brian: It would be hard not to.

    Jim: I’ve long heard this phrase used, so I decided to look it up and learn of its origins, for curiosity’s sake. I found a number of places that state “deserts,” though popularly refers to a desolate wasteland, was long used to refer to a deserved punishment or reward (see here). I guess I should have gone with the familiar spelling, but I thought I’d go with the original. 🙂

  3. You’re not sorry that this guy got beat up but you are sorry when he says mean stuff? Seems a weird position to take to me. 😐

    BTW, had this been a woman follower of Phelps who got her clock cleaned, would your opinion of the situation be different? Just curious.

  4. Nick: If I’m sorry for anyone, it’s the families who have to put up with this group’s nonsense. Obviously here they didn’t have to. I’m not sure how you got that I am sorry for him saying whatever he did; perhaps because I said that technically it was wrong for the other person to beat him up.

    If it were a woman, I would feel differently, although hatred is hatred and if someone who does what WBC does and gets the crap kicked out of them, man or woman, well, they had it coming. However, I think that a man who pounds on a woman, for whatever reason, needs to be put in check. In this case, if it were a woman who mouthed off and got beat up by some guy, then things would be different. I’m certainly not saying I support the idea of violence as a means settling a situation because in this case it seems as though someone lost their temper and overreacted. But again, right or wrong, you can only play with a snake so long before it bites you.

  5. There might be some miscommunication. It seems to me that you feel bad for people who have to hear mean words, right? That’s what I meant when I said that you’re sorry when he says mean stuff, meaning that you feel bad for those victims of his words. It just seems weird to me to feel bad for the victims of words and not the victim of a beating. That’s all.

  6. Nick: I see. Well, let me just say that I don’t rejoice in the fact that anyone suffers violence, deserved or not. I support capital punishment in some cases, but it’s not something that makes me feel happy and cheery; quite the opposite really. But, in cases like this, I can’t say that there is not a small part of me that feels justice is served when hate-mongers experience the consequences they have managed to avert for so long. Again, it brings me no joy, but I get some sense that their actions merited some sort of retribution.

    And yes, I do feel bad for people who have to endure harsh and/or hateful words from the likes of Phelps and his ilk, because those families have done nothing to deserve it.

  7. Jim: Ha! Honestly, I did click their entry, but I also checked a number of other places and saw they wikipedia actually said the same thing, which could be bad or good!

  8. “Synagogue of Satan”? Why pick on the Jews if you want to reject the Phelp’s outfit’s claim of being a “Church”? Haven’t they been victimized enough by mob violence over the past many centuries for perceived “demonic” activity? I would have thought calling the Westboro jerks a “club” might have been more appropriate, all things considered!

  9. Dr. Jim: Good point! Perhaps something like Westboro though-we-claim-to-be-a church-we’re-nothing-of-the-sort-because-we-peddle-hatred-and-bigotry-in-the-name-of-Christ Guild of Hate-Mongering Idiots. But, that’s a mouthful.

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