Computer Security

I have McAfee installed on our computers, but our subscription has expired. I get notices now constantly on my laptop about this and it’s starting to irritate me. Anyone have any recommendations of good security software that’s free? Yes, I’m cheap.

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10 thoughts on “Computer Security

  1. Thanks for the suggestions. For now, I’m going with Mike’s suggestion of Microsoft Security Essentials, primarily because it’s FREE! Plus, since I have a Windows machine, I figure it can’t hurt to run software written by Microsoft. I did, however, install Avast before MSE, so I’ll have two going. Surely that will be sufficient!

  2. I use AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2011. I have been using AVG for about 5 years and have not had trouble with viruses at all. I use it because it’s free and works. The others probably work well too and have decent reviews online. I started using AVG first, before the others were popular or available and have never bothered to switch.

  3. I’m an IT professional and would recommend Avast or Avira. (They actually perform better than McAfee) Another good choice (surprisingly) is Microsoft Security Essentials. Either of those three will lead you well.

    I personally use Microsoft Security Essentials and we are also rolling it out at work currently to replace AVG. AVG has been performing badly this past year and needs some work to become relevant again.

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