Crackpot Alert

Our church secretary informed me on my way out of the office that a gentleman had just called to say he had just moved to the area and was interested in our church. Great–come join us! However, he followed his introduction with a barrage of questions concerning speaking in tongues. Did we practice that? Why not? Don’t you believe the bible? Would he get kicked out of the service if he came and spoke in tongues?

Good grief…

Amid all the questions, our secretary asked why he would want to come here since we don’t speak in tongues. His reply? “To teach your people.”

Are you kidding me??? Ok, so we don’t believe and practice as you do regarding this particular gift, yet you are so presumptuous as to say you’re going to come to church, start blathering away, disrupt the service, and think you are teaching???

I am hopeful this person is not seriously considering this, that it was just a crank call at worst. Whatever the case, I have been officially placed on Crackpot Alert!

Father in heaven, please guard your people from dilettantism, both from those inside and those out. Lord, hear my prayer!!!

Αυτω η δοξα,



5 thoughts on “Crackpot Alert”

  1. I bet it was Nick.

    Nick, you should have told me you were in Texas, man! We could have met up.

    Jason, you should have let him come. What if y’all were all speaking in tongues when it was all over?!

    : P

  2. Nick: Yes indeed.

    Bryan: “I bet it was Nick”–LOL!!! He’s welcome to come, but if anyone were to become a disruption and distraction, he/she would quickly wear out their welcome.

  3. You got me! HAHAHA!

    Seriously though, I wouldn’t dream of going to a church that didn’t believe in tongues in order to school them on it. If anything, I’d like to sit down with the pastor outside of a service and go through the Bible to see what it says, which clearly is that tongues are alive and well! 😉

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