Summer and Fall

I registered for the summer and fall semesters this past week, but I’ve reconsidered my fall schedule and I think I am going to change courses. I am presently registered for the Gospel of Luke and the Epistle to the Hebrews, but I am thinking of changing to the NT in Contemporary Culture and the Use of the OT in the NT. There are two reasons for this change: 1 – The NT in CC is not primarily focused on exegesis, but gives a lot more attention to NT backgrounds. Though later I will have to take a seminar that is fully dedicated to this subject, I’d like to get into some of these issues now. Here’s part of the catalog description:

This course will engage in discussion of contemporary issues about the origins of the Jesus tradition, the apostolic teaching, the New Testament as a canon, and the origins of Christian orthodoxy as seen in the New Testamentand important collateral writings of the period. Attention will be given to major first-century cultural features, both Jewish and Greco-Roman, that serve as a backdrop for the original Christian message leading to a greater appreciation of the New Testament message.

The second change is from Hebrews to the Use of the OT in the NT. This is a subject that has piqued my interest and I’ve not been able to do much here at present, so this would be a great opportunity.

2 – This class schedule will not be as spread out over the week as the other, so that’s always a plus.

This summer I will be leaping into Theological German, which I am eager to get into! Obviously for reasearch this is essential, but just think–I’ll be able to read all those other posts that Jim foists upon the bibliblogging world! 🙂

Anyway, should be a great remainder of the year, but I’ve got plenty to finish this semester!

Αυτω η δοξα,



4 thoughts on “Summer and Fall”

  1. You’ll be spending plenty of time in Hebrews anyway in that use of the OT in the NT class. Good choice! As for German, well, I’d rather learn Klingon. The other class sounds cool too.

  2. Nick: You’re right about Hebrews, but I wanted to delve into other passages in the NT. I think German sounds cool spoken, but alas, this is German for reading! I always read secondary languages (only French at this point) aloud because it helps it to stick.

  3. Nick: Well, maybe not every syllable! Looking through the syllabus for the fall, it looks likes we’ll be spending only three sessions in Hebrews’ use of the OT. The majority of the time we’ll be in the Gospels and the Pauline letters. Altogether it should be a great semester!

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