Cooking Fish

If you know me at all, you know that I don’t like most fish. In fact, very few that I have tried in my life have merited a redo (those would be baked flounder, panéed flounder, blackened redfish, and trout, and yes, I grew up in Louisiana!). My deal is I hate the fishy taste that characterizes most sea food (again, with a few exceptions), so I can’t bear to eat fish that tastes like, well, fish.

Melissa and I are wanting to incorporate more healthy foods into our diets and fish always comes up, so we’re resolved to find a fish that, when properly cooked, doesn’t taste like fish. I found a baked salmon recipe that I’d like to try, but I’ve never cooked salmon before. Any tips, recipes, or other advice?

We’ve tried the highly-touted talapia, but it didn’t make the cut. Why? It tasted too fishy! That may been in the preparation, but regardless, it hasn’t found its way back into our cooking since!

So, do any of you fish afficionados out there have any words of wisdom for us? Thanks in advance!

Αυτω η δοξα,



11 thoughts on “Cooking Fish

  1. I was just about to suggest salmon. My wife also hates fish but she loves salmon and it is the only fish she eats. It is very meaty compared to many fishes and has a firm texture without a lot of fishiness. It also tastes and looks great and is reasonably affordable most places. If you really want to hide the flavor you can try a bourbon-glaze, but that’s not really necessary as it is quite mild to begin with. Also, we usually bake salmon as well.

  2. I have no advice – I simply want to applaud you for hating fish – I also despise fish that tastes fishy! I do accept battered & deep fried snapper though. Mind you, that’s not so healthy.

  3. My only suggestion is to give up on fish, and by that I mean all fish, completely! There’s no such thing as fish that doesn’t taste (or smell) fishy (contrary to what many Food Network chefs will tell you). There are just different kinds of fishiness and they’re all nasty! If you want to incorporate more healthy foods into your diet then eat more chicken (just remove the skin). Or just go vegetarian. You can get all the nutrients you need from fruits, vegetables, and grains.

  4. My wife and I enjoy fish, even though I agree with everyone else that fish is going to taste fishy! However, when I cook tilapia I COVER the fish (both sides) with Zatarain’s blackened seasoning. Delish.

    As for salmon, my wife found a recipe that involves mixing balsamic vinegar with brown sugar and a couple of other things (I forget) and either baking or grilling the salmon in the mixture. It’s one of my favorites. Of course, brown sugar isn’t healthy but if one wants to eat fish, it certainly helps 😉

  5. Nathan: We’ll definitely give the salmon a whirl. I may even post pics if it turns out well!

    Matthew: Clarify if I’m wrong, but are you an Aussie living in the UK? If so, it stands to reason that you should like, no love fish! But, all indications are I should love all fish and seafood given my upbringing, but alas, I do not!

    Nick: I suppose that it would be impossible to remove all fishiness from fish. I guess I should have said that I don’t like an overly concentrated fish taste. And, for all intents and purposes, I have given up fish altogether since I never order it in a restaurant (with one exception) or cook it at home. I like chicken and we do that on occasion, but we thought we’d give fish another try. As per your suggestion of going vegetarian, that’s about as likely as you becoming a Unitarian!

    Matthew: Zatarain’s–now that’s the way to do it! Do you bake your tilapia or do you actually blacken it? Blackened redfish is excellent, which is why I ask. I’ve found a salmon recipe that we’re going to try, so hopefully it’s good. I’ve also read that swordfish and shark are both great, but I’m not made of money!

    1. I’m in Perth, which is on the west coast, and over 1,000 miles away from any other major city – the most isolated state capital in the world, apparently. So I think Mark isn’t close by!

  6. I blacken it in a skillet. With plenty of butter! Not so much healthy but oh so good.

    I would be interested to try swordfish and shark, too, but only when someone else is buying 😉

  7. Matthew C: I mentioned above the panéed flounder–one of the best dishes I’ve ever had and I am sure it’s because it wasn’t healthy! Do you use a cast iron skillet?

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