Super Bowl Thoughts

Pretty simple, really:

  1. Glad Green Bay sent the Steelers packing (pun intended!).
  2. The commercials, with a couple of exceptions, were incredibly lame.  Some were not meant to be funny, but those that were largely failed.
  3. I left the room when Christina Gag-me-luera began to sing, and I heard later that she bungled the national anthem.  What a dolt.
  4. I only saw the last few minutes of the Black Eyed Fleas and I can say that I am glad that’s all I saw.
  5. I think the turf at Cowboys Stadium was given a healthy dose of grease before the game–did you see how many players slipped throughout the game?
  6. The refs made some terrible calls, but thankfully, the Packers managed to overcome.
  7. Speaking of overcoming, the Packers were fortunate to have the early lead they did because they dropped a number of perfect passes that would have resulted in big plays.

Well, I guess that’s about it.

Αυτω η δοξα,



2 thoughts on “Super Bowl Thoughts

  1. Pretty much my sentiments, too.
    Can’t believe “intelligent” people would come up with most of the commercials — or that other “intelligent’ people would pay for them.
    #3 That was the most lame anthem I can remember.
    #4 Not being a Black-eyed Peas fan I have only seen them as guests on other shows and they were tolerable. This performance was WAAAY too long and just all sync dancing. I am too old to appreciate it, I guess.
    #6-7 Don’t remember too many awful calls, but I really got worried when good Packer receivers missed important catches. I was worried for a while.

  2. llama: Good to know someone else saw things properly! Two calls stood out–the face mask that was called with the GB player tackled the PS player and his hand appeared to have grabbed the front collar, not the face mask. The second was the challenge on the incomplete pass. Seemed obvious enough to me that he had control and then the ball came out. I guess it’s all inconsequential seeing as how they prevailed in the end!

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