Call for Resources

Yes, it’s another call for resources! One of the papers I have to write this semester is on the doctrine of sanctification in Pauline theology, particularly in the book of Romans. So, I’m wondering what titles you brilliant Pauline scholars out there would recommend? I have a stack of Pauline theologies and other titles on Paul and a handful of commentaries on Romans, but obviously need to go beyond those.

So, what would you recommend? I’ll not list all the titles I have, so suggest away. If I’ve got it already, no harm–if not, that’s what I’m after!

Thanks ahead for your thoughts.

Αυτω η δοξα,




4 thoughts on “Call for Resources”

  1. Well, according to Marc Cortez at the Western ThM blog, he notices a lack of use of journal articles in the papers students do – I know of none on Pauline sorteriology to refer you to but definitely you should spend time on the whatever online database you have access to there at DTS and see what you can come up with – certainly there has to be something journal wise out there?

  2. I think in Witherington’s The Problem with Evangelical Theology, when he addresses Romans 7, there may be some thoughts there that could contribute to what you are studying. That is all that comes off the top of my head.

  3. Brian F: Well, as a PhD student, I am expected to interact with articles, monographs, and other more specialized works. And yes, we have a stout library, so there is no shortage of resources. I was hoping to choose a few for purchase from any suggestions that might be made just to have on hand for future reference.

    Brian L: Thanks for the suggestions–I’ll check it out. I suppose a good place to start would the bibliographies in my books on Paul!

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