Back to School

Well, my break between semesters has been filled with little blogging and more tv (the DVR was getting full!). But, it’s back to the grind as I start class again today. This semester will prove to be much more demanding. As I work through Ephesians and Romans, there will be more reading, more papers, and less sleep, but such is life in doctoral work.

So, if you don’t hear from me in the weeks/months to come, it’s because I am drowning in reading and writing. But I suppose I will be able to come up for air now and then (let’s hope so anyway)!

Αυτω η δοξα,





7 thoughts on “Back to School”

  1. The Ephesians course is a mix of exegesis and exegetical method, so I have several commentaries to work through (O’Brien, Thielman, Best, Arnold, and Hoehner) as well as Osborne’s Hermeneutical Spiral. There are some others, but I can’t recall them right away. For the Romans course, it’s primarily working through/interacting with Cranfield’s two volumes on Romans in the ICC, plus a number of articles and monographs (as part of my research for the papers assigned). I also have to translate Ephesians and Romans twice each, plus some other attendant grammatical and theological work. All in all, I’ll have plenty to keep me busy!

  2. TC: Indeed! I, too, had been thinking of purchasing Thielman’s BECNT volume, but looks like now I will have to. I could get away with photocopying what I need, but after all that I will have spent what the book costs! Plus, if I buy it, I’ll always have it as a reference (and it looks better on the shelf!).

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