Shocking News

Nick Norelli won another book giveaway!


Αυτω η δοξα,



11 thoughts on “Shocking News

  1. That is shocking! I hardly ever win giveaways which is why I’ve pretty much given up on them. But then a bright, intelligent, and obviously Spirit-led soul like Shaun comes along and it restores my faith in the whole enterprise!

  2. Jeff: Or, if I had a dollar for every review book sent Nick’s way, well, I could buy quite a few books! Yes, I am grateful for bloggers and publishers who are so generous with their books. I wish I could give away more.

  3. Jeff: If you had a dime for every time you heard that then you’d be up to a cool half-dollar! 😉 Seriously, I get plenty of free stuff thanks to very generous publishers (thank God for them!), but I don’t win many giveaways.

    Jason: Can’t argue with that. But you know very well how easy it is to get the hookup from publishers. Well, maybe not so easy with Eerdmans, but the rest are pretty easy.

  4. Nick: Right–Eerdmans is a tough nut to crack! Speaking of books, I was at the campus bookstore today and they had three long rolling racks of Zondervan and Kregel books on sale for 50 and 40% off respectively! I had a hard time deciding, so I went with Thielman’s Theology of the New Testament. I almost got Köstenberger’s A Theology of John’s Gospel and Letters, but I decided to go with something I know I will be studying in school. I’ve got Luke and Hebrews on schedule for next fall, but I don’t know about John. Anyway, I wish I’d had a few hundred to blow on books because I would have walked out with a load!

  5. Nick, I guess it just seems that way then. I remember you winning two last year and you just won another one as mentioned, so it only seems like a lot. I’ve probably won as many or more than you. I just won ten Advent devotionals from Tyndale that I get to give away and I’ve won about 3-4 other things from them plus a book review or two.

  6. I’ve only done it a couple of times, but it’s a thrill to write to a publisher for a review book and they send it to you and it helps both of you out. I try to pick ones that are good but I got a couple of stinkers. Recently I had one that didn’t answer and another that said they would and they didn’t send it to me. I don’t have Nick’s mad skillz. I’m too busy with commentaries and OT stuff but will get back to more reviewing someday. Although I now have enough that I wouldn’t have to buy any for two years. Maybe when I crack the top ten again I’ll have them flowing into my mailbox.

  7. Jeff: Seems like it was Shaun Tabatt’s Christmas giveaway last year that Nick won several times, but I may be wrong. Like you, I’ve had publishers not answer (*ahem* Eerdmans *ahhhem*) and not send anything and others who didn’t respond but would send my requests. Of course, I’ve plenty of responses that were denials of my requests too! I’ve had couple of publishers tell me they don’t provide review books for blogs, only to see within a day or two another blogger received the very book I requested! Oh well, I am grateful for the many books I have received.

    Neither do I have Nick’s skillz! I understand, though, why publishers send him stuff–he’s a great reviewer and reads muck quicker than I do.

  8. Jason: Eerdmans ignored me for a long time until the owner of Dove Booksellers put in a word for me. You’d think that my sheer awesomeosity would be enough, but sadly, it wasn’t. 😉

    And that sounds like a great deal! I’m done spending money on books for the year. I made two big purchases that really put me over my budget this year. Had I not gotten them then I would have spent like $10 out of pocket on books.

    Oh, and I can assure you that I read slower than you, I probably just have a lot more time to read given that I have 3 less kids and don’t pastor a church. 😉

    Jeff: Yeah, I believe I won two days of Shaun’s contest last year. This year I won one that Mark Stevens just did and then the one today. So that’s 4 total. I used to try to get in on every book giveaway I came across but after losing so much I just gave up for the most part. And nice on the Tyndale win! I’m sure your friends and family (or those bloggers you might give them to) will enjoy them.

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