Jesus’ Return and the Rapture

Just wanted to point you to a couple of good posts on the topics in the post title. Enjoy.

Four Myths about the Return of Jesus @ The Briefing

Why I Want to be “Left Behind”: How Rapturists Misread Jesus’ Words @ The Sacred Page

Αυτω η δοξα,


3 thoughts on “Jesus’ Return and the Rapture

  1. I didn’t think Barber’s post was particularly good because he took a position that many (most?) scholars who write on the subject don’t espouse. Charles Seville left a nice comment and said what I would have if he didn’t say it first.

  2. I obviously agree with Nick about Barber’s post. One is free to disagree with the pre-trib position, but opponents should at least take the time to consider what those who actually hold the position believe and critique that. Isn’t that what good scholarship is about?

  3. Nick, Charles: Good point. I merely linked to it because the interpretation of the passage was sensible. I obviously don’t know what most “Rapturists” believe about this particular verse, though I suspect many would read it this way. But such an assertion is merely speculation.

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